The kernel is an enhanced JMX server. It contains the following MBeans:



Manages entries, persisters, class loaders


An entry is similar to an mlet xml file. It maintains information for creating and persisting components.

Entries are persistent.

An Entry can be generated from an mlet file, a directory, a jar file, or by manual entry in the gui.


Each entry is associated to a class loader. If no class loader is specified a new class loader is generated per entry.


A persister makes the state of a component or entry persistent. It is called upon call of register, unregister or invoke methods of the JMX server.

Each entry is associated to a persister. If no persister is specified the default persister is used.

To be persistent MBeans must implement the PersistentMBean interface. This is a marker interface. Therefore no implementation is required within the MBean.

The kernel enables the construction of a tree of servers. MBeans of Sub-Servers have the name <server-name>\<server-name>\<mbean-name>. Method invocation on a server is propagated to the according sub server. Queries can propagate to sub servers. For example the Query *\*:* is propagated to all sub servers.

The kernel has been implemented with MX4J

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