MX is a component based system. The kernel, based on a JMX server glues all components together.

Adapters are components which implement the interface to third party systems or to other MX enabled services or programs.

Utilities are components which implement generally required functions such as sending of mails, display of alerts, a rule engine, a workflow engine, etc.

Services are management and monitoring components. They may start and stop jobs, monitor the file system, the CPU performance, etc.

Together these components can be extended, integrated and configured to a powerful system.


  • Using Jxta P2P, MX Services may “find” each other even over the internet. In case an MX server goes down another server generates an alert.
  • In case a database service requires disk space it may ask the file system service to purge log files.
  • If a process is not running on this host it may be started on another host.



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